Portos Mobiliário celebrates 50 years

Portos Mobiliário celebrates 50 years

Ports Furniture, a leading furniture finishing and production company, is pleased to announce the celebration of its 50th anniversary on August 10, 2023. Founded in 1973 by Luís dos Santos Pereira, the company has been a reference in the local economy of Paços de Ferreira and in the region, standing out as one of the main companies in the furniture sector.

Exactly half a century ago, Luís dos Santos Pereira, a visionary entrepreneur, began a journey of dedication and passion for furniture finishing in Figueiró. With just three employees, Portos Mobiliário quickly gained the trust of customers, expanding beyond regional borders. Today, the company is recognized not only nationally but also internationally for the quality of its products and personalized service.

The family business took a crucial step towards growth in 1983, when it became a limited company with the addition of the founder’s wife and four children. Since then, Portos Mobiliário has maintained a sustained growth, combining artisanal knowledge of employees with design innovation and use of differentiated materials.

Participation in the annual furniture fairs at the Capital do Móvel in Paços de Ferreira has played a key role in the company’s success. The fairs allowed Portos Mobiliário to attract visitors from all over the country and establish strategic partnerships for the foreign market. With a continuous focus on product quality, the company has expanded into the international market, becoming a reference for demanding customers in several countries.

Currently, Portos Mobiliário maintains an optimistic outlook for the future. By investing in technology and innovation, the company will continue to explore new trends in interior design and improve its production processes, offering innovative solutions for the foreign market and remaining at the forefront of the furniture sector.

The event will be attended by the former Mayor of Paços de Ferreira, Dr. Humberto Brito, and the founders and family members, as well as partners and collaborators who contributed to the success of this story.

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