Windmob Ports in the ‘Anadia Capital of Sparkling Wine’ Race

Windmob Ports in the ‘Anadia Capital of Sparkling Wine’ Race

Portos Mobiliário is on the road with the ‘Portos Windmob’ team, competing in the ‘Anadia Capital do Espumante – Murtosa Coração da Ria’ race. The race, which covers 121.5 kilometers between Anadia and Torreira, is reserved for junior and under-23 athletes. The team, based in Lordelo, Paredes, is aiming for a good performance.

The Portos Windmob team, made up of young cyclists, is looking to make its mark on the competition, where some of cycling’s promises stand out.

Portos Mobiliário’s presence on the Portos Windmob team underlines its commitment to supporting local sporting initiatives, strengthening ties with the community and promoting health and youth values.

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